Course Tutoring 

I am happy to meet in-person or via video call! Please indicate which means of teaching you are comfortable with during our communication and I am happy to work it out. 


Below you will find an extensive list of the courses that I tutor. 

Scholarship Preparation and Applications

Whether you are actively seeking scholarships right now or not, it is always a good idea to plan for them. It's hard knowing what scholarships want and how to stand out on an application. That is where I can help, with over $50,000 in offers last year we will develop writing and interviewing skills that will help you stand out from the crowd. 

Making the most of High School 

High school is an amazing opportunity to discover who you are and find your passions. While it is an amazing opportunity, it can also be very intimidating. I know whats it's like wishing I knew what to get involved and who to talk to. Whether you just need some advice on a club or really need someone beside you to navigate the maze of high school I'm happy to listen and together we can try to make the most of these years.

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Phone#: 613-770-8737

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